My Favourite Youtubers

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted, but I’m trying to commit to at least posting one blog a month. Have faith in me, guys!

I’ve been on the YT binge since 2006, yes, 10 years ago. Back then I mostly watched music videos, people singing R&B covers, the whole lonelygirl15 saga and a couple of nigahiga‘s old skits. Soooo much has changed since then. Short clips of endearing moments to share with family and friends have now changed into reaction videos, high tech travel vlogs and endless (sometimes stupid) challenge videos. Today I’ll be sharing my list of my all-time favourite Youtubers!



Oh my goodness, I cannot stress the amount of love I have for this family and I don’t even know them personally! For a good portion of 2013 I kept getting bombarded with “recommended videos” from this channel, which I blatantly ignored every single time. Finally, a house tour video caught my eye but it didn’t exactly seal the deal for me. It was then when Judy announced she was pregnant with twins, I decided to start watching daily.

Itsjudyslife is basically a daily vlogging channel about Judy and her little family. I can’t believe I’ve actually watched nearly everyday for nearly three years. My favourite portions are obviously the interactions with 3yo Julianna and her 2yo twin sisters. Keira holds a special place in my heart, she reminds me a lot of myself when I was younger hehe.

I know there’s a growing community of family vloggers on YT, but the Travis’ will always be my favourites and I recommend them to anyone for some feel good moments and laughs!


These guys are probably the only channel on YT dedicated in playing games. From boardgames, challenges and party games, these guys sure know how to entertain! Because I watch them so often, it’s almost like getting used to the cast of The Office, there’s plenty of cast members but you find yourself familiarising with them and knowing exactly what their gameplan is. Geo is the bossy one, Bart is the logical one, Julia is the innocent one, Josh is the bullied one, Byron is the new one etc etc!

I’ve been introduced to games such as Mafia and Mad Gab because of this channel. I bought 5 Second Rule because they made it look fun af. I had the feels when Tommy left the group and honestly I am not ready for any other members to leave everrrr.


Casey Neistat

If you don’t already know Casey Neistat, you’ve surely been living under a rock. He is the epitome of talent, creativity and finesse. He could simply be vlogging about his entire day on a plane in transit and make it look amazing. His hard work and dedication in the craft of filmography is surely paying off and after hearing his stories about his humble beginnings, I wish Casey all the best in the world, he deserves it!

My favourite videos of his to watch are anything drone-related, Casey is so ballsy with his shots and he delivers every single time!


Shane Dawson

To be completely honest, I wasn’t a fan of Shane Dawson until I read his books. Both of them, especially the second one was a delightful read and it actually made me laugh out loud several times. So naturally, curiosity got me to check some of his videos out. Not all of them are my cup of tea (like making black waffles, what the hell?), but his oversall sense of humour never fails to crack me up, he reminds me of one of my close friends, maybe that’s why I find him so endearing.

If you’re a Shane Dawson virgin, I’d suggest to check out his conspiracy theory videos first. They’re some of his more ~serious~ videos, but don’t worry, he’s not preachy, he’s more about sharing them than anything.


Chloe Morello

I used to be obsessed with watching makeup tutorials, but I feel like there’s been a slight decline in popularity in them. More beauty gurus are venturing out into vlogging, collabs and challenges, coz simply put — there’s only so many beauty looks you could come up with. That aside, while I watch makeup tutorials on the minimum now, I will always click onto Chloe’s videos. She’s gorgeous inside and out, she’s absolutely hilarious and last but not least, she’s Aussie!

If Chloe were to start daily vlogging, I’d seriously watch everyday. The YT game comes so naturally to her, and I personally think she should be way more successful than some of the other dull beauty gurus I’ve noticed.



I know I was talking shit about beauty gurus just then but here’s another special mention! I started watching Patrick way before he blew up and I’m happy to say that I’m glad he hasn’t changed that much at all! He always appears sweet and kind, along with picture perfect makeup and feelgood messages. Another plus is that he’s loud and proud of his size and promotes a confident and positive representation of all the curvier girls (and boys!) out there.


Claire Marshall

If I could steal any Youtuber’s style, hands down it would be Claire Marshall’s. Claire is an incredibly talented designer, photographer, fashionista, beauty guru and is basically the female Casey Neistat. Unfortunately, she doesn’t post too often anymore but it’s definitely quality over quantity. Her storytelling and editing skills instantly pulls you in. She’s mysterious, yet very open. You just want to be her friend!



Quirkology is the only British Youtuber I thoroughly enjoy watching (no shade, hehe). His quirky and campy videos look like something straight out of the 90s, but they’re still top notch quality content, no doubt! If you like learning and watching simple magic tricks, illusions and sweet tricks to stump your friends, definitely check them out!


That’s it for now folks! I’m off to watch me some Youtube until I fall asleep. If you recommend any channels for me to watch, be sure to comment them below!

Some special mentions include: Good Mythical Morning, REACT, Promise Phan, BFvGF, Guava Juice, Alex Aiono and Byron Talbott.


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