Singapore 2016

Yesterday I came back from a month long holiday in Singapore and Mauritius, so I thought what better way to relive my experience than to blog about it while battling jet lag at 4am?

Dwayne and I spent one week in Singapore prior to a three week vacay with his family in their homeland of Mauritius. Instead of making a lengthy blog post about every little detail, I thought I’d switch it up a bit and give you the positives and negatives of Singapore!


  • A one week time frame, just enough if you ask me!
  • PARKROYAL on Pickering, such an odd but beautiful hotel. It was flat out eco-friendly and the room had a strong scent of plants but in saying that, it’s definitely one of the most unique hotels I’ve ever stayed in.
  • Getting henna, I’ve wanted henna forever. 
  • Chicken and ginger rice.
  • The short walk from Hard Rock Hotel to the main part of Sentosa Island. Such a great discovery since neither of us had any idea.
  • Trick Eye Museum, a one-of-a-kind, cute, photo-op style museum for people of all ages. As a clean freak, I did feel a bit dirty after touching the statues and being on the floor, but whatever.
  • Marina Bay Sands, everything about it. The smell, the room, the amazing lobby and the breakfast buffet. It’s a must! If you can’t afford it, try dish out some money for a one night stay like we did, it was worth it!
  • The casinos. I preferred Resorts World over MBS only because I won haha. But overall I think Resorts World looked a lot spacier, brighter, newer and cleaner than MBS.
  • The infinity pool at MBS looks tiny in photos but it actually stretches out for nearly the whole length of the building. It’s very comfortable to enter, it’s not as busy as one would think it is.
  • Artscience Museum. Super cool experience, only one of the exhibitions were worth seeing but I already forgot the name haha.
  • Gardens by the Bay was visually stunning, and like most people say, it’s like stepping into the world of Avatar. 
  • Lack of traffic. Didn’t experience any traffic whatsoever during our time here.
  • The people here are super welcoming and friendly except the dealers at both casinos! WTF!!!!
  • Singaporean chilli crab. It was 1.6kg, it was super expensive but Dwayne and I demolished it. It’s one of my favourite food memories of more recent times. I absolutely hate spicy food too, but seriously, this was amazing and such a great way to end our trip.


  • Scoot Airlines kinda sucked, but it’s what you’d expect on a no-frills flight.
  • The weather. I’ve always hated any kind of weather nearing or over the 30 degrees mark. The fact that it was constantly raining sorta killed my vibe too. On the upside, the city had great air conditioning everywhere.
  • Prices. AUD and SGD are nearly 1:1 but it’s still crazy how overpriced some items are here. Roughly $8 for a regular sized drink at Starbucks? $6 for a pork rib (yes, just one) at a Chinese restaurant? Inconceivable!
  • Some of the well-renowned celebrity chef restaurants. OCEAN Restaurant by Cat Cora at the aquarium was mediocre at best. The view was fantastic, but the meals failed to deliver, especially dessert. Bread Street Kitchen by Gordon Ramsay also kinda sucked. I was hoping for a more diverse menu. In saying this, neither of the food in these restaurants tasted bad, it was just the amount of advertising, the high-end pricing and ‘good’ reviews that gave me really high expectations of these places.
  • Wonder Full water and light show at Marina Bay. I’m not sure if where I stood affected the experience for me but it wasn’t that impressive. The show at Gardens by the Bay were more engaging.
  • Prices not being inclusive until the bill arrives. Yes, Singapore is one of many countries that do not add their taxes and/or services fee until you see the receipt. It’s not a big deal, but it’s still a bitch to deal with since I’m so used to the Australian way of life and scooping out exact change for transactions only to be told an entirely different price.
  • A really minor con, but the Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands were too big and it was a bitch to get from one side to another. Seriously, it’s huge.

That’s about it, folks! I’ve been to Singapore before back in 2009, but this time I did entirely different things and thoroughly enjoyed every moment. Singapore is truly a beautiful city and country, but to be honest, I wouldn’t come back any time soon unless our dollar gets better. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Happy travels!

First meal: lobster broth ramen = winning!
OCEAN Restaurant by Cat Cora, stunning view.
The Merlion at Sentosa. Find the booth with free stickers and tattoos!
Plenty of laughs at the Trickeye Museum!
This installation at the Artscience Museum is a must-see!
Gardens by the Bay. Gorgeous views and lights.
Singaporean chilli crab. It doesn’t matter where you eat it, you just have to try it!!!!

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