To Go The GoPro?

In three months I’ll be flying off to the Philippines followed by Canada and USA, so working hard and saving money right now is crucial. I’ve actually thought ahead and tried to get Dwayne’s birthday present out of the way and I’m nearly 100% sure I’ll get him a GoPro, which will be perfect for our trip!

In the beginning, I mainly associated GoPro’s with the likes of extreme sports and outdoor adventures, but I’ve been browsing through YouTube and the amount of amazing travel videos and photos that have come from a GoPro is pretty inspiring. I had no idea a small, compact camera like that could capture such beautiful, sharp footage.

Knowing Dwayne, I don’t even know if he’ll use it as much as I would if I had one. I think I’ll just have to push him into it. It’ll be so fun compiling a little travel video filled with memories. It’ll set me back $300 or so but I’m seriously considering it. We’ll see how it goes!

For now, here are some amazing travel photos I’ve found using a GoPro:

Brush Park, Detriot
Broadway, New York City
Disneyland, California
Las Vegas

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